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“Don't let the name fool you. HelloFax is more than just about digitizing faxes. The Y Combinator company launched in February as a way to send and receive faxes via email, as well as sign documents electronically.”

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“With HelloFax, they took a process that consistently sucks and made it just work.”

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“San Francisco based start-up HelloFax is built on the simple premise that most faxing is done to transmit signatures. Therefore, it allows you to download documents, sign, initial, or fill-in information on the document in your browser before sending to your recipient. With no sign-up fees, contracts, or subscriptions needed, it is built for both heavy and infrequent fax users with various pricing plans.”

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“Another great feature is the signing of documents. You can do this by either a graphic file, signing with your mouse or even using your iPhone to take a picture of your signature.”

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“There have been online fax services available for years but what sets HelloFax apart is its simplicity.”

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“Faxing Sucks – Finally a Product That Makes it Faster, Easier and Smarter”

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“I finally found what I've been looking for: a way to sign and fax—or e-mail—a document using just my computer...”

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“An online service, Hello Fax (hellofax.com), keeps a digital image of your signature on file, which you can then position and resize onto any document you upload to the service...”

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“Enter HelloFax, which digitizes the signing process. This removes the need to print out, sign, scan-in and send”

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“HelloFax is a site that let's you send faxes, sign documents and fill out forms, all online, in a few easy steps. No cumbersome printing-scanning-emailing necessary...”

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“hellofax is an awesome service to keep in your arsenal of tools...”

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“HelloFax may render the paper facsimile a thing of the past...”